Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Athletes of the World

10. Miesha Tate, MMA
We all know that female athletes always appear to be hotter just because they are able to do the things that many of us are not able to do. Here is count down list of world's top ten most beautiful women athletes. 09 More after the break...
09. Danica Patrick, Car Racing

08. Maria Verchenova, Golf

07. Liv Boeree, Poker

06. Leryn Franco, Javelin

05. Lacey Jones, Poker

04. Anna Kournikova, Tennis

03. Blair O'Neal, Golf

02. Jenn Brown, Softball

01. Victoria Vanucci, Tennis

Rome Hotel Built of Beach Garbage

Rome is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with unforgettable architecture and an atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else. Lately, though, it's become a real dump. German artist Ha Schult constructed a temporary hotel in the city to highlight the sad state of Europe's beaches. The hotel, part of Corona's Save the Beach campaign, is constructed of garbage collected from the shoreline. More after the break...

The five-room hotel contains roughly 12 tons of garbage, including fishing nets, plastic bags, skateboards, clothing, old tires, and even a mannequin's leg. The guest rooms are very simple and basic, with leaking roofs and torn sheets acting as curtains, but they do boast real furniture. The toilets are eco-friendly chemical commodes, and forget about washing off the day's grime in this hotel: there are no showers.
The project is meant to show that, unless we make some major changes to the way we treat the world's beaches, we will one day be surrounded by garbage wherever we go. In the words of Schult, "we create rubbish and we become rubbish. We must change the world before the world changes us."
One of the first guests in the unusual hotel was supermodel-turned-environmental activist Helena Christensen. She is probably more used to spending her nights in luxurious surroundings, but decided to spend the night in the garbage hotel to raise awareness of the sad state of European beaches. She reportedly had a pleasant night conversing with the other guests…despite being surrounded by refuse.
The Corona Save the Beach hotel was displayed in Rome until June 7, and is expected to be recreated in various other cities throughout the summer. The campaign promises to clean up at least one European beach per year, with the winning beaches being chosen by internet votes.

What is forbidden in Iran

Pork and dogs, I can understand, because Islam does not favor them.
But why Batman? Consider the compilation of the things that are forbidden in Iran. More after the break...


Upsweep hair back to top

The Da Vinci Code





Harry Potter

George Michael


Shorts jeans



300 Spartans

Studying Political Science





Protein supplements

Painted clothing

Domestic dogs


Dabboo Ratnani 2011 Calendar

Dabboo Ratnani launched his much awaited calendar for 2011 at a star studded event which was attended by the whos who of Bollywood. King Khan was full of praises at Dabboo's picture with a bicycle. Vidya Balan blended well with King Khan and Hrithik Roshan as well as Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar. Abhishek Bachchan attended the function with wife Aishwarya and mother Jaya Bachchan who spent a lot of quality time with Dabboo, his wife Manisha and their baby. Priyanka Chopra came dressed in black and Sonakshi Sinha was attired in white.  The event was also attended by Bikram Saluja, Schauna Chauhan, Mandira Bedi, Raj Kaushal, Rohit and Manasi Roy, Zayed and Mallika Khan, Genelia D'Souza, Mehr Jesia Rampal, Sarah Jane-Dias, Divya Dutta and Tulip Joshi among others. More images after the break...

Celebrities Love The Milk

01. Susan Sarandon
Campaign Got Milk was launched at the initiative of the California Association of milk producers in 1993, and over the years with the famous milk "mustache" for posing nearly 300 actors, athletes, models and musicians. Let's look at milk lovers, including many American celebrities of music, television and sport  They've accomplished this feat, by being a spokesperson for the 'Got Milk?' campaign. For some reason, I find this beyond amusing. More images after the break...
02. Meredith Vieira

03. Al Michaels, Frank Gifford and Robert Costas

04.Jennifer Hudson

05. Tyler Florence

06. Sheryl Crow

07. Taylor Swift

08. Danica Patrick

09. Dara Torres

10. Elizabeth Hurley

11. Glenn Close

12. Ingrid Hoffman

13. Kathy Smith

14. Marg Helgenberger

15. Rebecca Romijn

16. Sara Ramirez

17. Shawn Johnson

18. Suze Orman

19. Serena Williams

20. Trisha Eavud

Art of Ballpoint Pen

Picture of a ballpoint pen from Juan Francisco Casas, More images after the break...

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